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Client Experience

Clients are in and out of the system in less than 20 seconds—they came to workout, not sit in front of a computer.

Client Login Screen

Client logs in to system. Client sees your name on the first page and in the address bar (they never see our name or information).

Client Chooses Workout

Client is presented with 5 workout options, they can choose which one they want to complete. Choosing a workout automatically prints the Client Workout Paper.

Client Workout Paper

Client’s workout for the day is printed.

Client Workout Paper Details

Client’s name, goal and list of last works appears in the top left corner. Individual exercises are listed to record. Client marks the workout as complete with start and end times.

Trainer Experience

Trainers define exercises, group them into workouts, then assign and prescrie workouts to clients. Creating exercises is a one-time effort, workouts can be recycled or new ones created easily and then prescribing the same workout to differnt clients with different abilities is easy.

Trainer Administration

The trainer admin screen lists most popular tasks and a panel for “to-do” items including recording workouts.

Create Exercise

Trainers set up custom exercises and assign targets, upload a video and assign which parameters to track (distance, time, weight, etc).

Create Workouts

Workouts are groups of exercises.

Assign Workouts

Once workouts are created they are assigned to individual clients. When assigning a workout the client’s goals, injuries, notes and days Last Worked table appears to help the trainer make the best workout choices.

Assign Workout Details

As a trainer assigns workouts they set the weights, reps, distance and other parameters per client. A trainer can also leave a note or ask a question to a client.

Exercise Library

The entire exercise library is available for clients to review. This is a great resource to be able to look up instructions and video on anything they don’t understand in their assigned workouts.

Paper or iPad Recording

Trainers working with clients can either record workouts on paper to input the workout on an iPad in real time.

Client Reports

Trainers can view and print out couples and individual progress reports.

Gym / Trainer Reports

Gym and Facilities owners can review trainer statistics, including client lists, last workouts, etc.